How to become a freelance tutor
3 February 2021

How to become a freelance tutor

During the Pandemic, specialists from different spheres started working remotely. It comes especially to education and training spheres. People used to physically go to classes, gyms and the owners were using such marketing tools as banners, flyers, etc, for their promotion purposes. But it doesn’t work like that nowadays. You have to move your business online and completely digitize it. We’ve decided to describe some core things that you should keep in mind as a freelance tutor going online.

Leads mean everything

Everything starts from Leads. Leads can be converted into Clients. It is considered to be a good result if you have 3 to 5 % of Leads conversion. E.g. in case you want to have 100 Clients you should have from 2000 to 3000 Leads. In order to process this amount of potential clients efficiently you should mark notes, assign tasks and store other information. This is the moment when good CRM matters. There is a wide range of good CMS. We recommend taking a look at Hubspot CMS.

Virtual Classrooms

When you have a list of potential Clients you need to organize them in some groups like Virtual Classrooms. Each Classroom should have a Chat, Video chat and some attached materials. This should be enough to have any type of session (lessons, training etc.). Such software as Zoom, Skype can be used to organize Virtual Classrooms.

how to become a freelance tutor


After you spend a lot of time gaining Clients, having sessions with them you will need to get some profit. For the purposes of accounting and payments tracking we suggest you to take a look at QuickBooks.

These three tools will be enough to become a freelance tutor. The only disadvantage is that you have to pay for all the tools separately, which will add up to $100-$200 monthly in total. Another downside is that these tools aren’t integrated with each other. Leads from CRM won’t be shown as Clients in QuickBooks or be available in Classrooms.


The solution is quite simple - take a look at Catchapp. This tool was designed and built by Freelancer tutors for Freelance tutors. It has all the functionality listed above and some more. Make your freelancer’s life simpler - try Catchapp!

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