Tutoring software
4 January 2021

Tutoring software

Let’s make a short overview of tutoring-targeted software.


Tutor.id is a bigger platform than just a software for tutors. It allows customers to search for teachers based on their specific parameters. This platform stays close to freelance portals rather than tutoring tools.

Tutor.id allows you to manage your classes, make video calls but there is no invoicing/ sales tracking functionality.


It's a simple platform with basic functionality. Tutorbook.io consists of only two parts: a calendar and a list of students. No Virtual Classrooms, no Chats, no CRM system.

tutoring software


It is similar to a tutorbook, but it has more advanced features. You can add students, group them into families, send invoices. Schedule and Classrooms management functionalities are also available.

The core disadvantage of all available tutoring software listed above is that no one of them covers all the tutors needs at once. Some tools allow calls, others allow you to organize your schedule or to be listed in catalogue, but there is no system that gathers all such functionality for tutors in one place.

Catchapp was built for one main goal : to give any tutor all the tools that can be required in day-to-day work. These tools are Virtual Classrooms, Video Chats, Messaging, CRM system, billing, schedule and much more.

Try Catchapp now and check every feature by yourself!