Virtual classrooms
14 January 2021

Virtual classrooms

All of us have to agree that the pandemic changed a lot in various spheres of our lives. Education is one of them. Almost everything related to the education sphere has moved online: school education, cooking courses, yoga, gym, etc.

These changes were so rapid and unexpected that there was no universal software that could cover all of the teachers, tutors and consultants needs at the same time. Workers in this field have to adapt to the new reality using different kinds of tools which help to organize remote work processes.

In this article let’s make an overview of teachers software that became popular to organize virtual classrooms.


Zoom is the most popular video conference software nowadays. It is used for different purposes, from business meetings and interviews to education and Yoga seminars. However, this multipurpose leads to the situation when user experience is not good as it should be. The most obvious example is zoom chat - you can not access chat history after the video conference is ended. In fact, you have to use external software for messaging. For some users, the possibility to do a video call without having installed software on their device can be a huge disadvantage as well, because it leads to an additional preparation time before a meeting. The undoubted advantages of Zoom are video quality, ability to schedule meetings in advance. With some assumptions Zoom definitely can be used as a Virtual Classroom software.

Google Meet

On your way getting familiar with this video conference solution everything tells you that it is designed for instant calls. If you need to rapidly jump into a random video call - google meet is what you need. The quality of video is quite good and you do not have to install additional software (not valid for mobile phones) to make video calls. However, video chat functionality is the only functionality that Google Meet can offer for you right now. Despites the fact that Zoom uses an additional software for text messaging Google Meet is still just a Video Calling software, and is not designed for virtual classrooms if you compare it with Zoom.

software for teachers overview - virtual classrooms


One of the oldest tools for Video Calls. At the pre-pandemic times it was probably the most popular tool for video conferences. However, new challenges and slow improvements moved it to the second plan. In comparison with Zoom and Google Meet skype can be successfully used as a messenger for text communication. But some “clumsiness”, unavailability to have any schedule, difficulties with adding new people moved skype to the second plan nowadays.

Summing up, there are a lot of great tools for Video Calls. However, all of them are not good as they should be for Virtual Classroom purposes. This is where Catchapp comes into the game.


Catchapp is a platform designed for anyone who wants to organize Virtual Classrooms - tutors, teachers, trainers, mentors, coaches, etc. Catchapp does not stop here, it also has CRM features, billing and helps you to organize your tasks and schedule.

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